Import products from any eCommerce website in one click with CherryPicker

CherryPicker WordPress plugin allows site owners to import products from any eCommerce website into their WooCommerce store.


Without CherryPicker every product has to be added manually to your online store.
  1. Find where the product is being sold online.
  2. Download product images.
  3. Upload product images to your online store.
  4. Move all the product fields one by one: title, short description, full description and specs to your online store.
  5. Clean things up and fix the formatting.
  6. You are ready to start selling.


CherryPicker automates product content import, making it a one-click operation.
  1. Find where the product is being sold online.
  2. Press a button.
  3. You are ready to start selling.

Cherry Picker is a plugin that allows sellers to add products from various online stores to their websites in just one click. It generates a bookmarklet (a miniature JavaScript application) that you Drag & Drop to the browser bookmarks bar. Clicking on the bookmark while you are on a product page of AliExpress, Amazon,,, gearbest or iHerb, will automatically add the product to your WooCommerce website.

Cherry Picker will import all the product details, including the title, price, description, category, images gallery, thus saving you hours of content work.

Compatible websites

At this moment CherryPicker offers adapters for the following websites

We are doing our best to make this list grow!

Looking for a way to extend a list of supported websites? Ask us how.

You can order a custom parser (CherryPicker adapter™) made specifically to grab products from the website you need. The limited offering starts at $19.99.

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